Maintain: Services offering


Prontoport offers 3 different levels of service that vary in their scope, extent to which they cover both planned and unplanned activities and the extent to whether they include major components and parts as well.  This is outlined below. The individual maintenance levels can also be contracted separately if required also.

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Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary to keep wind turbines in good working and includes: periodic bolt torqueing, inspection, testing, lubrication, testing and other overhauling of the tower, nacelle cover and bedplate, blades, transmission system / drive train, yaw system, hydraulic system, control box and all turbine mechanical and electrical equipment. All of which shall be performed in accordance with OEM maintenance recommendations and extended maintenance documents. Scheduled maintenance services include the following: 

  • Hydraulic system adjustments 

  • Topping off fluids as determined by inspection

  • Gear box oil sampling, testing and extractions

  • Filter changes when required

  • Visual inspections

  • Preparation of standard operations and maintenance reports

  • Management of preventative maintenance consumables 


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Remote Monitoring

  • 24/7/365 permanent monitoring of your WTGs  

  • Immediate processing of incoming fault messages (also on weekends and public holidays) 

  • Faults are (where possible) remedied online by trained staff offering operators technical phone support 




Our engineering team can monitor the performance and provide root-cause analysis and troubleshooting of wind turbines under management. We also call on our supply chain partners including component OEM’s to provide specialist technical input when needed. This includes Moventas for gearbox support and Parsons Peebles for generator support. 


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Unscheduled Maintenance

This typically covers initial troubleshooting, unscheduled lubrication, consumables/wear parts and minor repairs to all turbine components, including general housekeeping and cleaning of the turbine and equipment. More specifically it covers: 

  • Remedying of all faults, requiring a call out including local resets, inspections, emergency and non-scheduled events 

  • Troubleshooting and recommend corrective action 

  • Inspection, maintenance and services summary reports for each turbine on an agreed to periodic basis 

  • Replacement of spare parts other than a main component exchange or repair 


Main component change.jpg

Main component exchange

Working with supply chain partners, Prontoport can provide a comprehensive service to gearbox, bearings and generator replacement, repair or service. For gearboxes this is supported by leading global gearbox OEM, Moventas and for generators it is supported by leading HV generator OEM, Parsons Peebles. It means that Prontoport can offer: 

  • Detailed inspection surveys which are the foundation of our proactive main component maintenance service and provide the data to assess component health and whether further servicing is required 

  • Uptower servicing 

  • Main component change-out 

  • Repairs and upgrades

  • Replacements

  • Multi-brand parts from OEM suppliers 

Rotor Blade Service.jpg

Rotor blade services

Rotor blade services are comprehensive from life cycle inspection and repairs, upgrades and long-term maintenance programs supported by an experienced staff. At Prontoport, we leverage both rope and platform at height access methods provides for an optimised solution in both efficiency and price. Rotor blade services include: 

  • Inspection

  • Maintenance

  • Repairs

  • Overhauls / retrofits / upgrades 

Spare part management.JPG

Spare part management

Prontoport has a bespoke online system to monitor and track spare parts from a supplier to our warehouse to on-site. We work with supply chain partners to ensure the right parts are available at the right time. Services include: 

  • Ordering 

  • Inventory management 

  • Coordinating logistics to site