Prontoport provides a complete range of maintenance services to owners and operators of Wind Turbines – both on and offshore. We do so across the asset lifecycle from construction to snagging to the operating phase. We are multi-ISO accredited and have completed a wide variety of maintenance jobs on a range of different OEM turbine types. Our goals are to maximise asset performance and lower asset operating costs. Doing so enables asset owners to get the most out of their assets and enhance their financial returns from their wind farms. 

Market perspective on OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE costs 

O&M costs typically account for up to 60% of a typical wind farm’s annual operating costs. The balance of costs include property costs, insurance, financing, asset management etc. Within O&M costs approximately 65% of the typical wind farm spend is unplanned on items such as minor and major correctives, technical support and spare parts. Interestingly other industries such as fossil-fuel fired power stations typically incur less than 20% of their annual opex on unplanned maintenance. 

The share of opex is relatively high in wind due to the unpredictable nature of failures and the associated higher costs that typically come from technicians, cranes, equipment being required in emergency or quicker response situations. Hence a major focus for the wind industry is to reduce the frequency and costs of unplanned maintenance incidents. This can be achieved through: 

  • More regular and more thorough planned maintenance routines. Planning these in advance results in a more cost-effective deployment of technicians and equipment and it can highlight issues that may be developing and require a service or maintenance intervention before it breaks down 

  • More accurate weather forecasting to do maintenance in “low” wind conditions 

  • Deploying condition-based monitoring systems to enable proactive monitoring of the performance of the turbine and in some cases more accurately predict failure modes and timeframe 

  • Spare parts pooling thereby reducing the time required to source critical components 

  • Conducting more work up-tower rather than offsite in workshops.

Why use an ISP for maintenance? 

Historically many asset owners relied on the turbine OEMs for service and maintenance in the post warranty period. Over the last few years however, many utilities and some larger independents have developed strong in-house O&M teams which has given them the ability to self-perform service and maintenance.  

During this time, ISPs like Prontoport have also emerged as alternative service and maintenance providers. At Prontoport, we have the experience and track record of service and maintenance activities to both asset owners and OEMs. We have been doing so through the provision of qualified, contract labour working alongside assets owners and OEMs since 2008. From around 2014, Prontoport began providing service and maintenance activities to clients in addition to providing qualified, contract labour. Going forward we expect to continue to support both asset owners and OEMs with our maintenance service offering.  

Prontoport Maintain 

We have experience of maintenance on the following components /systems: 

  • Nacelle and all drivetrain components 

  • Rotors 

  • Tower 

  • Foundations 

  • Electrical system 

In addition to maintenance on each component above, Prontoport can bundle together inspection and maintenance routines on whole turbines. These services can be deployed as maintenance packages of work according to different service levels as follows: 

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 20.46.56.png

Our credentials 

The company has evolved considerably since it began deploying technicians to support UK wind farm construction and operations in 2008. Prontoport’s key credentials today include: 

  • Safety first approach:  we have a strong safety track record and a robust safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) policy and set of procedures. We have experienced, inhouse SHEQ management resource and strong processes for both the back-office and in the field activities. We manage and deploy our own PPE for all Prontoport technicians working on-site. 

  • Highly trained and experienced staff:  Prontoport can provide manpower as part of a managed work-package. We can support any project by supplying a wide range of technicians, from entry level technicians to senior operational technician and engineers. Our core business management system allows us to source, vet and deploy qualified technicians to large projects within short turnaround deadlines - as quick as 48 hours between receiving request to submission of candidate profiles. We maintain an effective employee competences and certificate tracking system, which gives us an opportunity to utilise 90% of a technician’s down time for training and up skilling. Hence there would be no time lost due to technicians absent for training. 

  • Broad turbine and wind-farm know-how: our current technical capabilities cover a variety of machines from Siemens, Gamesa, Vestas, Nordex, Senvion, GE and Alstom. In addition, since 2008, Prontoport has worked on ~50% of the utility-scale wind farms in the UK giving it first-hand experience of site operating conditions. 

  • Responsiveness:   we pride ourselves on a “can-do” attitude and speed of response to clients. This is a core value of Prontoport and something that is ingrained in our culture. It is further supported by existing relationships with a wide variety of supply chain partners who provide flexibility to support Prontoport during “peak” periods. 

  • Robust reporting structure: Prontoport operate a unique web-based information system to schedule and record all our engineering support activities, providing a fully transparent service to our clients. This system provides automated alerts and reports via e-mail to key personnel within our clients' organisations, ensuring they have current, credible asset condition information continuously available to help direct maintenance strategy and simplify decision making. 

  • Accredited by BSI for ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and ISO:OHSAS 18001. The Prontoport training academy is accredited by GWO and ECITB. 

  • Approved by and served leading wind OEMs and Asset Owners. 


In addition to the above credentials, Prontoport’s maintenance offer is further differentiated through a: 

  • Partnership approach by openly sharing asset performance and costs enabling asset owners to make the best decisions 

  • One-stop shop service given inhouse engineering know-how and drivetrain supply chain partners (Moventas for gearbox, Parsons Peebles for generators) 

  • Approach to people – we’re in the business of training technicians and can assure asset owners that they will have high quality teams and the ability to hire and train techs from the communities where projects are located 

  • Great home base location in the West of Scotland to offer a highly responsive service to most Scottish based projects 

  • Flexible contracting model - tailoring commercial offers to suit depending on scope and risk / reward appetite of asset owner