Face-Fit Testing


This course will enable delegates to ensure the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) they use will provide the protection they expect and give them an understanding of the risks of poorly fitted RPE and how to control them. 

Face Fit Testing provides workers with the best protection possible against any effects from airborne hazardous materials.  It is important for this testing to be done by a specialist trainer to ensure the best possible seal between your RPE and your face, reducing chances of any dangerous particles entering your mask and your respiratory system.


Upon completion, delegates will receive a Certificate confirming the fit test result. Fit testing will ensure that the equipment selected is suitable for the wearer. By doing so employers will ensure that they are meeting the HSE’s recommendations on Respiratory Equipment at Work (2013) which states that “…a face-fit test should be carried out to protect the wearer”.

The face fitting will be delivered by Prontoport’s in-house Fit Test Provider.

Duration: Up to 1 hour per individual 


Delegates must be reasonably fit, both physically and mentally, to safely participate in the exercises required of face fit testing. 

We recommend to employers that the best time to do fit testing is at the initial selection stage, when individual users can be given a choice of adequate models of RPE. You should ensure that the make, model, type and size of facepiece that they wore when they had their successful fit test is made available for their use. If an employee wears more than one type of tight-fitting facepiece, then each type of facepiece should be fit tested.

Course Contents and Key Activities  

·      Our trainer will describe test procedures to the delegate, ensuring that they understand the action expected of them

·      Our trainer will instruct the delegate to don the RPE and adjust until a comfortable fit is achieved (according to established procedures)

·      Our trainer will attach a sampling line from the Respiratory Fit Tester equipment (Portacount) to the probed filter or probed mask

·      Our trainer will instruct the delegate to perform a range of exercises to test the fit of the RPE

·      After the test, delegate removes the RPE

·      Delegate is then questioned on overall comfort of respirator and any pressure points are noted

·      The Fit Test Plus software calculates fit factors for each exercise and for the entire test as a whole

·      Exercise specific fit factors are displayed directly by the Portacount and the overall fit factor is calculated

Gavin McCallum