NDT and Weld repairs

Project: NDT and Weld Repairs 

Location: UK onshore wind farm 

Duration: May 2017 – February 2018 


Prontoport was contracted to inspect a damaged blade at a wind farm and propose and implement a robust repair solution. 

Actions Taken 

Prontoport proposed and carried out an extensive range of NDT inspection works that were carried out from ground level and by technicians working at height on 18 turbines at this site. Because of the inspections, Prontoport was able to identify the root cause of the problem and propose an engineering solution to this problem which involve carrying out weld repairs up-tower. At peak times, Prontoport deployed 21 qualified technicians to carry out the works. 

Details of works carried out 

  • Ultra-sonic testing, Dye penetrant, Magnetic particle inspection, Positive material identification, Radiography 

  • Up-tower weld repairs 

  • Alstom turbines 


Prontoport’s extensive NDT investigations ensured that the root cause of the failure was properly identified. It further enabled Prontoport to design a robust repair solution. These works were carried out over a 9-month period and were performed safely and to the client’s satisfaction. The know-how gained, and track record developed from this project has opened up other opportunities for Prontoport to conduct these works in multiple European countries.  

Tom Sutton