Delivering GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) Bundle in Japanese


Prontoport has delivered GWO Basic Safety Training since 2015 from their purpose-built training facility in Irvine, Scotland. Since that time, Prontoport has trained thousands of people from all aspects of the wind industry from OEMs, Asset Owners and Supply Chain companies. 

Sometimes though, customers make special requests for the training to accommodate their needs such training at weekends or at site – which Prontoport can easily accommodate. So, when we were approached by Japanese Industrial client to deliver GWO course at short notice in Japanese, we of course said yes.  

Actions Taken 

We sourced an interpreter that was able to deliver the technical engineering training as not everything translates into Japanese smoothly, the interpreters selected were then interviewed by the client over the phone to make sure they met their standards.  We also had to ensure that the interpreter was able and happy to climb our 18m external training tower to interpret instructions at the top to the delegates. 

We made sure that our trainer could take extra time with these delegates to ensure that they were receiving quality tuition and that the delegates were comfortable with the activities included in the courses.   

Course Details 

  • GWO basic safety training 

  • Japanese 


The client received the training they needed to be safe and compliant on UK wind farms and we received excellent feedback from all of the delegates who appreciated the lengths we went to accommodate their requests. 

Tom Sutton