Construction Snagging

Project: Notch cutting and Snow doors 

Location: UK onshore wind farm

Duration: 3 months 


Prontoport was contracted to work through various construction snagging issues on this site – which faces fairly extreme weather given its location which makes it one of the highest wind farm in the UK. During the construction phase, it was identified that the gearbox frame was close to and in some cases in the contact with the nacelle leading to vibration.  

Actions Taken 

Prontoport conducted notch cutting on the nacelle and then secured the gearbox frame to the nacelle. The works were carried out on 22 turbines over a 6 week period and Prontoport deployed up to 15 technicians at site to deliver the works up-tower.  

Details of works carried out 

  • Notch cutting 

  • Working at heights 

  • GE turbines 


Prontoport were able to deal with this construction snagging issue quickly and effectively by deploying a large crew of technicians at short notice to carry out these works safely and to the client’s requirements. As a result of this, Prontoport was awarded further works at this site to retrofit “snow doors” at the base of the turbine which protected the tower from the extreme weather whilst allowing for needed ventilation.

Tom Sutton