Bespoke Outdoor First Aid Training

Client: International Wind Developer and Owner 

Duration: April 2016 

Project: Bespoke Outdoor First Aid Training 


Unfortunately, most first aid courses just don’t prepare you for an accident in remote places, such as wind farms. You can’t just call an ambulance as help may take hours to arrive. This is why we were approached by one of our customers a leading global renewable energy developer, to develop a bespoke outdoor first aid course. 

Actions Taken 

As an ISP with experience of deploying large numbers of technicians to on and offshore wind farms we live and breathe these harsh environments and understand the hazards that exist working remotely. This combined with Prontoport’s inhouse training expertise in first aid, meant we were ideally placed to develop a bespoke Outdoor First Aid training course. The course was designed to go beyond basic first aid and give staff working in the field the key basic & advanced first aid skills they need in the outdoors. More importantly the course was designed to give delegates the confidence needed to use those skills effectively in a real-life scenario in the field.   


  • First Aid Equipment 

  • Assessment of the situation 

  • Prioritising treatment 

  • Environmental factors 

  • Moving a casualty

  • Shock (including Anaphylaxis) 

  • Fractures and spinal injuries

  • Control of bleeding

  • Head injuries

  • Poisoning 

  • Sprains and strains 

  • Hypothermia 

  • Frostbite 

  • Heat exhaustion 


This course gave the client’s field-based teams the advanced skills and confidence needed to care for an injured or ill colleague in the field, until specialist external help arrives.

Tom Sutton